Cargo Pants: What you should know about them

Cargo Pants, Combat pants, or Combat trousers- whatever name rings the bell, seems on the rise again. These loosely cut pants get their inspirations from military trousers. And it is quite understandable. Initially worn in 1938 by the British Army, the US Army used it in World War II.

Designed for outdoor activities, their cargo pockets make them standout. Initially, these large pocket pants saw its use in fitting maps, bandages, ammunitions, rations, and several essentials needed for battle.

Regarding usage, Cargo pants serve a different purpose today. So, how do you pick the right cargo pants? This article discusses 5 things to look for when choosing a cargo pant. But first, what’s all the rave about cargo pants?

Cargo Pants: Why the Rave?

Thanks to their practicality, Cargo Pants has seen a wide adoption for so many uses. Although they were the in-thing in the 90s, the early 2000s saw a decline in their usage as many persons resorted to slim-fit clothing. In recent times, there has been a resurgence in the usage of cargo pants. There are even newer breeds. As seen in pantalon cargo, there are amazing cargo pant styles that suits you. From the resolutely baggy, to the newly chinos-cut cargo pants. Whatever style you want, you will get the trademark pocket, which comes on one or both sides.

As many brands are designing cargo pants of all budgets, this utilitarian staple is fast becoming an everyday choice. So here are 5 things to look out for when searching for a cargo pant.

5 things to know when choosing a Cargo Pant

1. Length

You can opt for different lengths when picking up a cargo pant from a store. Still, your cargo pants should give room for turn-up when you have a boot on. Avoid a situation where you have to tuck a piece of your wear to reveal your boots. A cargo pant that sits above the ankle bone is ideal if it has elastic hems or drawstrings.

2. Thighs

A skinny cargo pant might not be the choice for everyone. This does not mean that your pants should be aimlessly big. One way to get the right fit for your thigh is to consider how you would want to look in your chinos.

3. Pockets

One of the defining qualities of a cargo pant is its ability to hold things-as its name implies. However, too many pockets may not be ideal and you must also consider where the pockets are placed for comfort and style. You should know that the pockets of slimmer cargo pants bulge when you overload them. Hence, the need to be mindful of what you carry about.

4. Ankles

The era of wearing parachute-sized cargo pants is way in the past. To stay in vogue, select a cargo pant pair with a slimmer ankle. This will project the shape of your legs.

5. Waist

The waist of the cargo pant is worth your consideration if you are one who wants to tuck your clothes or one who loves pants seating on specific waist areas. Cargo pants are casual and they often fit with a belt. So, one would expect them to stay in place with a belt. However, if you are not one to tuck, selecting a cargo pant that fits between your belly button and hips might just be the ideal thing.

Wrapping Up 

Cargo pants are not only fashionable but they can help convey essential items. In recent times, it is seeing a resurgence in its use. But it is still important to abide by rules that are still in vogue. Here, 5 points to help you match your selection of cargo pants with recent trends have been discussed. However, selecting a cargo pant is your decision to make. But sticking with these points will help decide whether or not you look trendy.

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