Do You Know Why CD Players Still Rock

It is the twenty-first century and most people will think that the idea of getting a CD player is obsolete and lame. After all, there is far better technology out there so why would one want to settle for less.

There had been a time when Lecteur cd just as the French would call it ruled the entertainment industry. But now, the sale of CD Players is on the decline, dropping by 95 percent since the last two decades.

According to recent news, CD players seem to have hit the rock bottom. Saying that CD players have lost their cool might be a little of an understatement. These notwithstanding, CD players still have their peculiar advantages, something you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Reasons Why You Might Still Fancy a CD player

CDs have better sounds than vinyl

CD Players produce better quality sound than vinyl although popular myth in the audio world believes otherwise. Vinyl produces crackling sounds amidst other downsides like the visceral experience of dropping a needle on a spinning rod.

Compared to other Sounding physical audio formats, CD players are simply the best. With a CD player, you get deeper bass and a wider dynamic range. Also, they don’t skip beats unless they have been scratched.

CDs sound better than streaming digital files

When you stream music from platforms such as Tidal, Spotify, or Apple Music, what you get is a compressed music file. Such platforms feel the need to compress music in other to save space but this results in loss of information and reduced sound quality.

But if you are playing with a CD, you will get a vibrant and complete sound. Well, there are some lossless compressed digital music files out there such as Amazon, Music HD, and Tidal that don’t lose information. You can also consider getting these ones.

They are quite affordable now

CDs are cheap to buy. Retailers don’t find it difficult to give away their used CDs. This is probably because it isn’t so expensive. A CD costs just between $12-15. Vinyl, especially new records cost as twice as much as a CD would.

CDs aren’t just affordable, they have resale value. You might not make as much but you will certainly make something better than nothing. If you buy a digital song, you cannot resale it because it has no value on resale.

The CD booklets and album artwork are underrated

Album covers are generally of little significance. Seems just very little of the listening population seem to take interest in the message an album cover is designed to portray.

Vinyl records come in a 12 by 12 album cover and CDs come with a little booklet. Most times this booklet contains screenshots from behind the scene, music lyrics, and interesting artworks.

Flipping through a CD booklet while listening to a smooth melody from the CD gives you a sense of connection to the music. This strong connection keeps you going, making you not want to stop.


As old school as CD Players might sound, some people still prefer it. It is affordable, it has a better sound quality and it streams without interruption or loss of information.

If you no longer have one, this might be a reason to want to get another one.

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