The Top Types Of Jeans For Plus-Size Ladies

The plus-size jeans industry is currently on an all-time high. This can be attributed to establishing brands like Good American, Levi’s, Lane Bryant, NYDJ, and James Jeans, to name a few. The industry’s growth has seen more designers stepping up to the plate and creating pants for curvy women. Retailers and wholesale plus size jeans sellers have also significantly increased over the past few years. In this post, we look at types of jeans for plus-size women.

Types of jeans ideal for plus-size ladies

Below are some of the best jeans styles for plus-size women;

1. Wide-leg jeans

These are a ubiquitous style of jeans in the plus-size fashion industry. Wide-leg jeans, also known as baggy jeans, got into the plus-size fashion scene between the late 1990s and the early 2000s. The introduction of this style of jeans in the industry can be attributed to the hip hop revolution. Wide-leg jeans are popular with plus-size women because they are attractive and very comfortable. They are all about making a statement and allowing women to look good while remaining comfortable. Classic wide-leg jeans are usually high waisted, fitted around the waist, and loose from the thighs to the bottom.

2. Stretch jeans

Stretch jeans are one of the most comfortable styles in the market. They are common among plus-size women because they are ideal for most body types and sizes. They help ensure a beautiful and perfect fit. These jeans come in a wide range of colors and patterns and can be worn by anyone. The stretch allows them to give you a skinny look despite your size.

3. High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are popular in the plus-size industry because they help hold in the gut and are attractive when worn by larger women. They typically cover a large amount of the wearer’s abdomen and bottom at the bottom or on the navel. They are an excellent option for ladies looking to get more body coverage and control. These jeans come in a wide range of styles, including high-waisted wide-leg jeans.

4. Boyfriend cut jeans

Boyfriend cut jeans are essential in any plus-size woman’s closet. They are chic and comfortable pants featuring a loose fit with a touch of tomboyish allure. They create a casual, laidback, and unique look and a level of comfort that most plus-size women desire in their jeans.

5. Girlfriend jeans

This is the opposite of the boyfriend cut jeans. They are more feminine yet still comfortable and chic. Girlfriend jeans are cut for a closer fit and more taper around the leg. They do not sit as low around the waist as boyfriend jeans. They are an excellent option for a casual look or a night out attire.

6. Crop jeans

Crop jeans, like the name suggests, are shorter than standard pants. The hem of a typical cropped jean may sit either below the knee or above the ankle, depending on the style. They are an incredible option for plus-size women because they are comfortable and chic. Note that crop jeans are unisex pants.


The industry currently has several options for plus-size women. When choosing the best style of jeans, you need to consider elements like comfort and size. Make sure you look at the size chart and get the right measurements. Also, it would be wise to consider the price and brand carrying the products.

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