A Simple Guide to Maintaining Nail art tools

In recent times, nail art goes beyond merely applying nail polish on the fingers. Nail art is an innovative way to adorn, strengthen and beautify the nails. It is an artistic creation made on the nails, which could be of glitters, acrylic or any other design. With different styles and designs popping up each day, a wide range of nail art tools is essential. If you want your nails looking attractive, this article is for you. This article will point out manucure items you need and how to maintain them.

10 Vital Nail Art Tools

If you would like to have the trending nail designs or you want simple but attractive nails, you need:

  • Nail Art Stickers:These are objects or shapes applied to add style to polished nails
  • 3D Rhinestones:Everyone knows rhinestones are eye catchy, shiny and add radiance to accessories. If you are a fan of nail art, then rhinestones are definitely a necessity for you.
  • Nail Polish guard: With nail polish guards you can bid farewell to messy manicure. With them properly wrapped around your fingers, you can trust your nail polish to be as neat as can be.
  • Rainbow Nail Art Foil:Rainbow Nail art foils brings some amazing colors to your fingers. And as agreed upon by the majority, using nail foil is fun.
  • Glitters:These extremely small, radiant dots are one of the principal constituents of nail art. The bright light they give out is almost irresistible.
  • Pearls:The nail art broadens daily, with innovative designs being created. Now, you can attach actual pearls to your nails, such artistry!
  • Dotting Tools:Dotting tools comes in different sizes, so you might get the set. If you want detailed art on your nails, you need dotting tools.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) Led Lamps:Beyond any reasonable doubt, UV led lamps are a safer way to dry inks and coatings on the nails.
  • Nail Art Brush Kit:They help in creating patterns, shading and accurate strokes.
  • Tweezers: If you want neat nails, you know you have to get a tweezer.

Safe-guarding Your Tools

With the right care, your nail art tools will last a long time. Below are a few helpful tips you may need to maintain your nail art tools.

  • Remember to frequently disinfect your tools and to wash and wipe them with cleanser.
  • If you are using an ultraviolet lamp with florescent lights, you need a schedule for changing the bulbs. If it is a led light, wipe with a cloth often.
  • You should keep the cords of your electric tools safe.
  • Do not leave the cords lying around in places where people can step on them.
  • Also, Stock disinfected equipment in a sealed container or an autoclave.


While this article mentions only ten nail art tools, there are other tools used for nail art. The decoration of the nails is a trend many seem to have an interest in these days. You can stay in fashion by getting the latest nail art tools. And you should not forget to take care of each tool.

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