4 tips to take care of your eyelash extensions

When it comes to cosmetics, women look for a more striking look that gives a different touch to their face. One of the resources they use are eyelash extensions, however, it is necessary to find a lashes supplier that provides quality and long-lasting eyelash extensions.

There are many types of eyelash extensions that you can buy in the market, no matter which one you choose, you will want them to last for a long time. For this you will need to take certain care not only to make them last longer, but also to make them look their best.

There is no doubt that if you buy eyelashes and put them on your eyes, your face gives a total change. When the lashes are already losing quality or getting damaged, it is also very easy to notice and surely that is not what you want.

Regarding eyelashes, the market offers many techniques and resources, such as lifting, aesthetic treatments for eyelash growth or eyelash extensions. If the latter are the ones you have, we are going to give you some tips to keep them in the best conditions.

Even if the installation of eyelash extensions has been done very well, you will still need to touch them up and take the best possible care of them. The maintenance tips below will be useful not only for cosmetic professionals, but also for those who are just starting to use resources like this.

Stay away from water for the first few hours

After you have put on eyelash extensions, it is best to keep them dry, so you should avoid contact with water.

You should wait at least 24 hours after you have installed the eyelash extensions before you can wash your face as you normally do. During those hours you can use a wet washcloth and wipe your face without contact with the eyelashes.

Since you can’t moisturize them, you can’t go to spa sessions or get facials. You should also avoid contact with your sweat, so it is advisable not to go to the gym during this time or exercise.

Avoid the heat

Another of the most important recommendations to take care of your eyelash extensions is to keep them away from high temperatures. Even after 24 hours, you should avoid washing your face with hot water and avoid steamy environments or saunas.

The same applies when cooking, you should avoid being too close to the stove, as heat damages the eyelashes.

Forget the eyelash curler

The eyelash curler is recommended for your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions come from the factory with that natural curve that curlers make, so you will need a curling iron. If you use it you can cause the extensions to fall out because of the heat they generate.

Remember to maintain them

Eyelash extensions need maintenance, which should generally be done every 2 to 3 months, depending on the brand, your eyelash provider and the technique used to place them on your eyes.

We recommend you to be consistent with this maintenance on the corresponding days, because if you delay this process, it will probably be more costly and uncomfortable.

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