A Guide to Applying cushion cc cream Well

Applying makeup is one of the ways to ensure you look incredible when stepping out. The cushion cc cream is among the facial products that ensure you look stunning before attending an event, going to work, or attending meetings. The cream helps to clear any imperfections on the skin, making it even and look natural. However, to get that amazing skin after applying the cc cream, you must ensure you apply it the right way. So, if you always struggle with using the cc cream to bring out a perfect look, follow this simplified guide.

Steps to applying the cc cream for a perfect look

Clean and moisturize the skin

You need to make sure the skin is clean and well moisturized to ensure the cream performs the desired purpose. You can pat dry the skin with a cleaner, then only use a moisturizer if you have dry skin.

Have some cc cream dots on the face

Now, squeeze the cream in your fingers, the dot on the parts of the face.

Spread the cream on the face

Here you can use a brush for makeup or your hands. However, ensure the hands are clean enough should you consider using the hands.

Add cream to affected areas

At this point, you simply want to focus on areas with issues. So, add more cream to such areas to cover them completely. As you add more cream, ensure you blend perfectly to have an even tone.

Note: Adding one layer after another is the best way other than applying a large amount of cream at a go.

Use a makeup brush to buff the skin

You now want to ensure the cream is well-distributed throughout your face. You will need a large circle brush when distributing the product throughout the face. Be sure to begin from the forehead as you head down the chin.

Put on the foundation

Since the cc cream will smoothen your face and eliminate any skin issues, you can decide to leave the cream as it is or add the primer under the foundation. As always, when applying primer, utilize a clean brush or clean fingers. Ensure after applying the product, you spread it evenly to get clear skin, taking note to keep the jawline and the hairline in place.

Recheck the color blending

Now, you need to ensure the products you use blend perfectly with your skin tone. Otherwise, you don’t want to step out there with varied colors on your face.

Pro tip: Before you decide on the cc cream you will use on your face, get a few samples and test them on the skin near the jawline to match the complexion. If you fail this step, you might look like someone with a mask on the face.


Everybody wants to look perfect with even skin that has an amazing complexion. You can choose professionals to do your makeup, but you can as well get amazing makeup products that will make your face stand out. However, don’t forget to get creams that match your skin tone.

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