Inflatable games: fun for kids

Inflatable games are children’s favorites and the most sought-after by parents for their parties and events. One of the attractions of birthday parties are the inflatables, since children can jump and have fun. Even halloween inflatables are also very popular.

The truth is that there is no specific time or event to enjoy inflatable games, although it is most common to see them at birthday parties. However, it is common to find them at other events and places such as amusement parks, and even for advertising purposes.

If you don’t know what inflatables are and how they work, read on to find out what they are and some safety tips for using them.

What are inflatable games?

Inflatable games are basically structures usually made of synthetic fabrics, which are filled with air. The best part of these inflatables is that they are manufactured in different shapes, so it is possible to get them in the form of castles, houses, slides, with obstacles and even mazes.

These types of games are distributed by companies that are in charge of the entertainment and outdoor recreation industry, mainly for children’s fun, although there are also some models for adults.

The variety of inflatable games is so wide that it is possible to find structures with different themes, such as Disney princess castles, superheroes’ towers and lairs, inflatables in the shape of cars and trucks, as well as Halloween, Christmas and carnival inflatables.

Nowadays they are the most expected attraction for children at birthday parties, so inflatable games have become a business for many companies that distribute and rent them by the hour for parties.

Why are inflatable games so much fun for children?

Because they are made of air-filled structures, they allow children to bounce, slide, get on and off them without any problem. The fact that they are designed with flexible fabrics allows the blowers or turbines to keep them inflated thanks to the air pressure.

These turbines can generate enough air pressure to keep the structure of the inflatable structure stable, without exceeding the proper level and prevent it from bursting.

Kids enjoy inflatable games because they can jump, slide, bounce and more. It’s a great way to do an activity with lots of movement in a safe environment, without the risk of children getting hurt.

Inflatable Playground Safety Tips

Although inflatable games are designed with the purpose of providing maximum safety for children, there are several recommendations to follow to avoid risks.

  1. It is recommended that parents follow the recommendations of the inflatable operators.
  2. Generally at parties there are specific inflatable games for certain ages and sizes, it is important that the child plays on the inflatable accordingly.
  3. Children should remove shoes, glasses, or any jewelry, as they may damage the inflatable or another child.
  4. All inflatables have a recommended number of children to use the inflatable at the same time, so it is always recommended to comply with this rule.
  5. Ideally, inflatable games should always have a supervisory team to ensure that the rules described above are followed and to be aware of any situation.

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