Sales shopping two days after Christmas was never going to be the most pleasant experience. None of us imagined just how busy Bicester Outlet Village would be though, oh no.

It was pretty horrendous. 

So. Many. People! And this of course left me feeling awful about persuading Madre and the Shrimp that we should go in the first place.

However, there was one good thing that came out of our Bicester trip (for moi, anyway). Behold, my new Kate Spade bag!

Snood knitted by Mama Hosie

So sleek, so chic. (By the way that was sung to the tune of ‘Le freak, c’est chic’).

Isn’t she preeeeetty? (The bag. Not me.)

I hadn’t been planning on buying a new bag, but then again I never am. Nevertheless I had some Christmas money in my back pocket from some generous relatives and this gorgeous bag really was a bargain – under £150! And look at the size of it! 

Biggest shopping bag I’ve ever seen.

The price seems especially amazing after a trip to Mulberry where even the tiny messenger bags were reducedto a whopping £500ish. Sob.

This, ladies and gents, is the Large Laurel Magnolia Park bag, in clock tower/black. 

You may be thinking that it looks a bit, well, plain for yours truly. But its neutrality is exactly why I like it. The plan is to wear le bag with all my bright/sparkly/patterned clothes for a spot of contrast. Ahaaaaa, I hear you think. Now you’re with me.

I love the colour scheme actually – colour-blocked cream, black and a sort of mushroomy colour.

I’m also a big fan of the contrast between the sleek, smooth cream leather of the front and the soft black leather sides.

And guess what: this is really two bags in one. Oh yes, ma friends, it’s convertible. You can use your bag like this…

Or like this…

And for anyone who didn’t spot the difference there I’m talking about the sides (or as I would call them, wings) being out. I personally prefer the look with the wings out. Very Céline-esque, don’tcha think?

All you do is clip or unclip this little strap in the middle to make the change:

Naturally, the lining is as classy as one would expect from my beloved Kate Spade, the bag is beautifully made, the stitches are neat and the leather is clearly top-quality.

And just look inside, dearies…

Capacious, much!?

This is a big bag, which, franchement* is perfect. I have no time for little bags really. I’m a hoarder, a more-is-more kinda gal, I like to carry round all my stuff.

Being as sizeable as it is means I can take my new baby into uni for the day, with room for books, lunch, a bottle of water, umbrella and all my other essentials. 

I love my first Kate Spade bag (also an outlet purchase, natch) to pieces, but unfortunately it’s not quite big enough to take to lectures.

Furthermore (sorry, that was a bit formal, wasn’t it? I’ve been writing essays of late, I blame them), my new bag has both a shoulder strap and a short handle for carrying in the crook of your arm – always a chic look, in my books.

So as you can tell I’m jolly pleased with my new purchase. Of course I could quite easily spend all my money in Kate Spade, as many of you well know, so the outlet store is heaven for me. Realistically, it was the main reason I wanted to go to Bicester anyway. (Pret was the main draw for Madre.)

I’m also now trying to spend my money on fewer items that are more expensive but well-made. Yup, the days when Primark had an allure are long gone. Realistically though, I’ve always preferred to save up my money then splash out on a bag I’ll love forever rather than fritter my precious pounds away in dribs and drabs. I just need my income to catch up with my tastes! #agirlcandream 

To be fair though, a girl can’t complain. The girl just bought herself a new Kate Spade handbag. Happy girl.

Don’t forget Kate Spade do a student discount too, mes amis! Anyone find anything good in the sales?

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