A month or so ago, as 2015 drew to a close, I did what everyone else does and reflected on what I’d like to achieve over the next year. Having just got back from my travels, my next immediate aim was to get a job and move to London (exciting progress has been made on that front, but I’ll tell you all about it in another post).

“I’ve finished uni, swanned around an exotic part of the world, 2016 will be the year I become a proper adult,” I said to myself.

I decided that in 2016 I would wear heels, lipstick and eye-shadow IN THE DAYTIME *gasp* (the fact that I was kindly given the Urban Decay Naked 3 eye palette for Christmas is massively helping me keep up with that last one as I am in LOVE with it!)

This year, I’ll overhaul my style and dress like a grown-up – I’ll gradually replace my sequinned jumpers and bright patterned dresses with sleek, chic blouses and jackets in grey, black, white and beige. I will look sophisticated.

Yeah, or not.

My downfall came just a few days into January courtesy of a certain bright turquoise glittery wallet in the Kate Spade sale (where else?). Behold, the Glitter Bug Stacy:

You guuuuuys, it was 50% off and I had been needing a new wallet and JUST LOOK HOW SPARKLY!!!

For sure, it was pretty embarrassing when my card was declined upon attempting to purchase said beautiful wallet but thanks to the wonder that is mobile banking (who needs savings?), the beauty was mine within moments.

I felt it was the perfect complement to the pink Glitter Bug Slim Bee purse I’d also received for Christmas:

And look you guys! This one’s still in the sale online! GO GO GO!

Have I ever mentioned turquoise and pink (and glitter) are my favourite colours? Well they are.

Kate Spade also do this range of glittery deliciousness in gold, but unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to get my hands on any of them.

I actually looked at the Glitter Bug range online before Christmas and contemplated adding a little summin’ summin’ to my Christmas list, ya know, just to help the old man out (I made a Google Doc, natch). But I decided against it, as I thought all the glitter would fall off before long. Don’tcha hate it when that happens!?

HOW-EV-ERRRRR, it turns out that the marvellous people at Kate Spade have actually solved this problem before it could even materialise. What you don’t see in pictures is that all the glitter is covered in a clear patent layer so it’s smooth as a (shiny) baby’s bottom. 

Both my wristlet/purse and wallet have Kate Spade’s beautiful ‘quick and curious’ lining and they’re practical too.

Inside the wallet there are tons of card slots, a zip pocket both inside and out for change and whatnot, and sections for receipts and cash. I actually really like the zip around the wallet too as it means you can’t just keep stuffing more and more bits and bobs in there, as I had a habit of doing. A loyalty card from the cute diner in Paris I went to four years ago? Sorry, you don’t make the cut anymore.

Whilst I may not use the wristlet/purse as much as the wallet, it’s still useful. I can fit my phone, lipgloss and cards inside so if you’re good at packing light on an evening out, this could be the one (and you’ll still have your hands free for Champagne and canapés!) 

However on a day-to-day basis I’ll probably keep mine inside my handbag. Isn’t it annoying when bags don’t have inside pockets and you can never find small essentials like keys or lip balm when you need them? I don’t think locating this pink sparkly beaut will be too much of a problem.

These Kate Spade beauties bring smiles to people’s faces. Every time I get my wallet out to pay for something, it catches someone’s eye. The cashier at Le Pain Quotidien complimented me on it, we discussed how it went with her sparkly nails and both of our moods were boosted.

So I’ve decided there is no reason why I can’t be bright and sparkly and grown-up and sophisticated. If you ask me, adult life could do with a bit more sparkle. Don’t you agree?

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