6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing your Photo Necklace

Photo necklace has become a popular personalised jewellery piece, especially among women. It exudes power and profound meaning when it is worn correctly.  Like other pieces of jewellery, photo necklaces must be worn in the right way so as not to lose their appeal and to compliment one’s fashion style.

Here are common mistakes that you probably have been making each time you are rocking your magnificent photo necklace and which you must learn to avoid.  

Not Wearing It as a Stand-Alone

Photo necklaces are magnificent, and when you overcrowd your neckline with multiple necklaces, its appeal will be lost. Photo necklaces appear stunning when they are worn alone. Wearing two or more necklaces is a fashion crime. If you must wear several pieces of necklaces alongside side your photo necklaces, ensure they complement each other well enough.

Your Photo Necklace Does Not Match your Skin Tone

There is nothing as wrong as wearing a necklace that does not match with your skin tone. No matter how beautiful your photo necklace is, if it does not compliment your skin tone, then it is not the right to be worn. Your skin tone should not overshadow the right necklace but instead, they should complement each other to give you polished looked.  

Mixing it with Necklaces of the Same Length

The last thing you want to do is stacking your photo necklace together with necklaces of similar size on top of one another. They will end up intertwining and more often when this happens the friction and twisting may break the chain of the photo Necklace. Instead, balance it uniformly by wearing your photo necklace with long pieces of necklace, to give it more visibility, structure, and a sense of style.

Hiding It Under Your Clothes

Well, if you have a nice photo necklace, what is the need of hiding it underneath your tops instead of showing it. Hiding it underneath your clothes will deny you the chance of achieving your perfect look. Make sure that when wearing your necklace, you place it on top of your blouse for it to be seen. V-shaped tops are the best as they give your necklace an uninterrupted view.

Not Cleaning Your Necklace Before Wearing It

As simple as it may sound, this is a big one. Many people fail to clean their jewellery before wearing them. Normally, your necklace will have a build-up of grime from the dirt and sweat around your neck, which you might not notice, but it will be noticeable to others. The dirt and grime will make your necklace lose its sheen. Therefore, it is good to give it a quick clean before wearing it.

Clasping your Photo Necklace Wrongly

You may not realise, but the most crucial part of any necklace is the clasp. Clasping it wrongly may cause it to break leading to your necklace falling off.  If you notice that your necklace clasp is not working well, it will be better to get it fixed.

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