Types of Ghana Weaving Styles to rock in 2020

Ghana weaving is one of the latest hair fashion statement that has grown popular. It is a stylish, neat, and elaborate hairstyle that requires the application of weave hair on top of the natural hair. Far from hair braids, Ghana weaving comes in different designs and requires special skill to pull off even the most complex of patterns.

If you are looking for bold Ghana weaving styles, then check out below for some amazing style choices you can rock in 2020.  

Side Swept Weave Style

If your sense of style tends to sway more towards unique and unconventional then this weaving style with go with it perfectly. It is a bold style that allows you to keep your hair down and swept on one side. With the style, you have the freedom to choose the colors and patterns that will complement your overall look. Open shoulder or one shoulder tops will certainly give a chic and more playful look.

Colored Weave Style

If you love a funky yet unique hairdo then this latest Ghana weaving style will suit you. Rather than sticking with black all the time, colored braids give you a chance to add glam and persona in your sense of style.

You can opt to go for brown, dark brown, or if you are bold enough go for light colors like pink, purple or red. Whichever the case, you will be sure to attain a look that will match with your overall sense of style.

Bang Box Weave style

This sublime style of weaving is unique and gives off a catchier and classier look. This style involves wearing your braids backward with the front braided forward and cut to form a fringe. It is a funky look to pull off and will fit perfectly with any occasion.

Cornrowed Full Lace Frontal Weave Style

One thing about cornrow weaving styles is that they come in different designs and thicknesses. If you are always weary about your hairline, then this style will certainly give your face a proper structure. Owing to the softness and width of the braids it is an easy style to pull off.

It is the most dapper Ghana weaving styles and one that you can wear for an extended period without it becoming entangled and scruffy.

Ghana Weave Ponytail Weave Style

If everything about you oozes simplicity, then Ghana weave (yeebia) ponytail is certainly for you. It comprises of long braids with high ponytails raised above the back of your head and allowed to fall on your backside. If you do not like that, you can have the long braids wrapped up together to form a nice flat bun.

Similarly, you can add a few hair accessories to amplify your personality. If you are an office person, then the style will match with your amazing official suits leaving you with an elegant look.  

Golden Braid Updo Weave Style

This kind of weaving style adds an angelic and classy touch to your hairdo and without a doubt. The cornrows are stylishly done from the front going backward with the ends tied up to form a nice bun. Rock this for your interview or office presentation and you will nail it. With its golden color, you can comfortably match it with beautiful gold jewelry.

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