Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear a Wig

If you are getting a wig for the first time and you have never worn one before, there are a few things you should know before you wear a wig. A lot of people think you just simply put them over the head and they can merrily go out and enjoy the day.

But buying and wearing a wig is not that easy – may it be a full wig or bundles with closure – it is a process and an art. And you should at least read up about it before you attempt a DIY. You might end up making one of these common mistakes.

Mistakes to avoid when you wear a wig

Choosing a wig that does not match your natural hair

If you are getting a wig to add volume to your hair or you want one that looks as natural as possible, you should get one that matches the style and texture of your natural hair. This is because your natural hair will still be exposed as they grow out.

Forgetting to wrap up or pin down your hair

When you wear a wig, you would want it to look as natural as the hair on your scalp. To make this possible, you have to pin down your natural hair. Otherwise, your wig will look puffy on top of your head, signaling to everyone that you are wearing one.

Not securing the wig

This is not a hat that you just put on and take off, ladies! You have to secure the wig properly! Otherwise, it will start to shift as the day goes by or worse – it will unexpectedly fall off as you move around!

Using the wrong adhesives

Securing your wigs in place with glue or other adhesives will take time. You should not rush through it! This is because you have to make sure that they dry up. If they do not dry out naturally, they can leave residue or shine that looks unnatural. This will draw attention to your wig and you would not want that.

Not giving your wigs treatment

It is a common misconception to leave wigs as is. But the truth is you should be treating your wigs as if they are real hair. Wigs are not able to produce natural oils that keep natural hair smooth and soft. So, you have to wash and condition them too!

Exposing the lace

When using a lace wig, you should make sure that you do not cut off too much of the lace or wear the lace so far down that it becomes visible. The lace should only be visible at the part of your hair – not on your hairline!

Last thoughts

After going through this article, your first experience with your new wig will be a smooth sailing one. As long as you avoid the mistakes above, you no longer have to worry about being the star of an embarrassing story where you are left exposed and humiliated because you did not wear a wig properly.

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