7 Major Tips on Handling Power Washer Hose Reels

A lot of times it is easy to get carried away by problems. But nobody enjoys a problem that they know nothing about. Even more annoying is a problem that forces someone to make unplanned expenses. There is something really annoying about spending money fixing or replacing stuff. This article is aimed at helping customers cut down expenses related to the power washer hose reels. At https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-pressure-washer-hose-reel there is more information on these tips.

These guidelines and care tips are all essential to our power washer hose reels customers. These are especially useful for the beginners in our midst. As beginners, it is relatively easy to handle the power washer hose reel. But the maintenance of the power washer hose reel is a different matter altogether.

7 Major Problems and Solutions in Using the Power Washer Hose Reels

1. The motor refuses to start

This is a problem that most people eventually run into. However, with general maintenance and care, it could be avoided. Regardless this is not a problem that requires replacement of the equipment. There are four major causes and solutions for this issue.

  • Reduction or loss of voltage resulting from issues with the extension. Check the extension cable carefully for any anomalies.
  • Low power supply: Check that the mains power supply line and the plate have similar voltage values.
  • An Issue with the TSS device: This particular problem is peculiar. All a customer can do is simply contact a nearby Authorized Service Centre.
  • The appliance has been left unused for an extended period: In this situation, it is also advised to contact the Authorized Service Centre nearest.

2. The motor runs but the water does not flow

This problem could also be a result of clogging of the nozzle or a leak in the pump hydraulic circuit. For the clog, all that is needed is a thorough cleaning. While the leak is more complex. It requires paying a visit to the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

3. Triggering the gun does not eject water

This problem also has to do with the clogging of the nozzle. As thorough a cleaning job as possible is the solution.

4. Oil dripping or leakage

This problem is not one customer can resolve on their own. It is advised to contact the nearest Authorized Service Centre.

5. While working, the power washer functions intermittently

This is as a result of the nozzle clogging or safety valve softening. Clean the nozzle for the former and contact an Authorized Service Centre for the latter.

6. Water Leaking out

This could occur when the seals wear; here the seals could be replaced at any Authorized Service Centre. Or the safety valve could be tripped, this could be resolved at any Authorized Service Centre.

7. Pressure dripping during operation

This could be because the intake water is too hot; could be rectified by lowering the temperature. Or the nozzle could be clogged, which is fixed by cleaning the nozzle.


These are the basic and most common issues in using power washer hose reels. If it proves ineffective, it is advised to visit a nearby Authorized Service Centre.

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