Safety Check for a Bouncy Castle Party

Having a Kuoye Inflatables bouncy castle on your kid’s party will make his birthday the talk of the school. It takes an ordinary children’s party to a higher level. But as great as they are for parties and for the social standing of your child, they can pose a dangerous hazard too. As parents and hosts, you should be vigilant to make sure that nothing happens to your kid and your guests by making sure that your bouncy castle is safe.

Get it from the right manufacturer

Whether you are buying a bouncy castle or renting one, it is important that you get one from the right manufacturer. Check the internet for any product recalls from the manufacturer or if there are any negative reviews. When renting, try to hire an attendant along to make sure that there is someone who can make sure that the bouncy castle will be working well all day.

Supervise the kids and the area

Bouncy castles may seem like a fun thing to keep the children busy but they still need to be supervised. In fact, there should be someone supervising inside and around the bouncy castle at all times. This is to ensure that there will be no rough play and fighting and that the bouncy castle will not be deflated.

No climbing

Make sure that the kids are not climbing the walls of the bouncy castle whether from the inside or the outside. This can topple the bouncy castle or cause it to deflate while kids are still inside. This is also to prevent kids from falling and hitting the ground.

Bouncy Castle

Always follow the manufacturer

Bouncy castles may not be complicated to set up anymore and they may be so easy to inflate. But it always best to read the package and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. This is especially when it comes to anchoring and if you are handling a really huge bounce castle.

Do not exceed the capacity

Every inflatable bounce house has a limit on its capacity. The limit is there to ensure that the bouncy castle will stay up no matter how much bouncing the occupants do. Always follow the recommended number of kids who can play in the bouncy castle at one time.

Make sure the bouncy castle is age-appropriate

Bounce castles can be dangerous for children below six as they may not be able to handle too much bouncing and might end up losing their balance all the time. It is always best to get bounce houses appropriate for toddlers if your guests are mostly toddlers. If you have a mix of ages and you have older kids as well, just make sure there is a supervisor inside the bouncy castle to monitor the younger kids. Also, in this case, you have to make sure that each batch of kids in the bouncy castle is from the same age group, and if possible, make sure they are of the same size.

Take note of forbidden items

Have a supervisor at the entrance of the bouncy castle to make sure that the children empty their pockets and take off their jewelry, glasses, and shoes before going inside. These items, and other sharp and pointy objects, should not be allowed inside so that the bouncy castle will not deflate. You should also not allow food inside the bouncy castle because this will cause a mess.

Deflate when not in use

Lastly, you should deflate the bouncy castle when no one is using it. This is especially if you bought the bouncy castle for your kids permanently. Your kids might be tempted to sneak in and unsupervised play inside bounce houses is not recommended for safety reasons.

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