Calacatta Marble- The Truth About It

Calacatta is one of the most admired and preferred marbles in the world. It was appreciated since the ancient times not just for the eternal as well as distinguished appearance but the variety of its existence. The version has remained unchanged. However, calacatta is still ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The marble textures are appreciated for their high-quality veins coupled with undisputed natural beauty.

The gold version of calacatta is known for its ability to simulate into perfection the elegant marble with the gray-blue veins. These features add luminosity to the countertops. The luxurious aspect of calacatta is ideal for various countertops. Calacatta marble has a white tone with rich gray veins. The material simulates a spectacular aesthetic of the world’s natural stones. Popular designs inspire the series in the world made of quartz.

If you select custom countertops such as white marble calacatta, you will be in a position to create an environment that vividly stands out for its exclusive nature while maintaining the following critical practical features:

  • Calacatta quartz is a hard material prominent for its resistant nature. Its innovative technology also produces high-intensity colors coupled with a bright look that allows for easier cleaning as well as maintenance. The material is also water-resistant, making it a viable choice for a variety of countertops.
  • Calacatta quartz does not have unique maintenance needs. This implies that you can clean it by applying a soft cloth with a cleaning detergent on it to keep the surface clean and free from stain.
  • Besides, calacatta material is versatile. This means that it is a perfect option for kitchen countertops and parapets within the cooking section.
  • You can bank on which calacatta countertops because it is a classic choice for various spaces that need decoration. From the rustic as well as traditional to the typical Nordic, calacatta stands out from other countertop material.
  • The white Zeus is contributing to the creation of a simple yet elegant feature of the environment. Other than that, there is the classic white piece that has a toasted tone that is perfect for your bathroom countertop. In that same collection is the Eternal series, which is also a type of calacatta slab featuring a blue and white surface with bright veins. If you adore the quartered effect of various natural stone streaks, then do not think twice about selecting calacatta gold. This slab represents a perfect choice, not just when it is white but the dazzling sparkles of gold.  

Other than that, calacatta has a distinctive thick look coupled with bold veining. Instead of the rich, soft veins that Carrara has, calacatta is the hallmark of slightly fewer dramatic unstructured veins. Its color has a universal appeal accompanied by designers because of its soothing background. The economy of its veining is additionally suited to specific book-matched installations. This makes it less effective with certain types of marbles that could be having fine veins.

 In Closing

As discussed in our earlier series of calacatta marbles, looking for the right material for your project can be a daunting task because of the information available online. This may confuse a prospect buyer. Being professionals in this field, we highly recommend contacting a professional with extensive experience to offer consultation services. That way, they shall be in a position to recommend a viable type of calacatta marble.

Of course, there are some other materials that are also good, such as quartz. If you like custom countertops made of quartz, you can click the link to learn more.

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