Top Reasons Your Dogs Bark at Night

If you are like most pet owners, you believe dogs barking at night is another norm. Why do dogs bark at night? The main problem with barking is that it causes disturbance and may keep you awake when you should be sleeping. You should note that many things can make a dog bark at night. In most cases, it is dependent on what the dog is doing.

Recent studies have shown that dogs that bark at night do so when outdoors. As a result, reasons for such behavior are associated with being outdoors. The following are some of the clues that result in barking at night.


The truth is that dogs are good at hearing. In fact, they are better at this than humans. Your dog can hear certain sounds that you cannot. Therefore, you may not be hearing strange sounds when sleeping; your dog does. A dog that is sensitive to sound will keep barking at night.


When the dog is outdoors, it has a keen interest in wild animals. It does not matter whether it is a deer, raccoon, or squirrel. Maybe you may not hear or see the wild animal at night, your dog does. Remember that your dog will bark at movement and sounds at night.

Other Dogs

Barking starts when your dog hears others barking and joins them. The fact that dogs are social animals, they are quite responsive to the behavior of other dogs. Maybe a coyote visits one of your neighbor’s yards, and his or her dog sounds the alarm. This can trigger social barking. Depending on the number of dogs outdoors, group barking can be possible.


The truth is that your dog can easily get bored when it has nothing to do. Barking at any sound it hears, joining other dogs in the neighborhood will result in group barking. You should note that some dogs bark at night to let energy.


You should note that a dog is a social animal. As a result, it becomes lonely whenever it is left outdoors. Recent studies have shown that barking is a common way that dogs can express their loneliness. Moreover, it can bark non-stop to get your attention.

If your dog likes barking at night, you need to take appropriate steps to end this behavior. For instance, if the dog is barking outside, you can get it inside the house. Leaving the dog outdoors can expose it to strange sounds and movements that can trigger barking. Moreover, it can suffer from loneliness and boredom.

Remember that your dog can also bark when indoors. That is the case when you put on the radio or TV. You should note that you cannot watch a movie or TV with your dog as it can be disturbed by the picture movements. It is advisable to encourage your dog to exercise before sleeping. A long walk and a few runs in your backyard can be of great help. You can also use bark control collars and deterrents to teach the dog to be quiet.

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