Do You Know Key Factors That Affect Wig Color

Wigs are better options for women looking to complement their hair or those suffering from baldness. These wigs come in multiple categories to fit the specific needs of women and demonstrate unique personalities based on users’ preferences. The varied colors, schemes, and types available in the market make it challenging for people to purchase even the cheap wigs. When choosing a wig color, in particular, you need to consider a number of factors such as texture, skin tone, eye color, and many more. This post highlights these key considerations that affect your purchase decision for a perfect wig.

Skin Shades

When shopping for a wig, you need to consider the skin shades. It could be impressive to choose a wig that contrasts your skin tone. As time goes by, your skin tone may begin to fade, and a hair color that contrasts with it could probably bring a youthful and bright up your overall appearance. Suppose you have a cool skin color, your recommended wig colors may include brown, orangey reds, or beach golden blonde tones. Warm skin-toned people can pick the blonde, silvery blonde and platinum hue colors. You also need to consider your natural hair color and choose something that suits you perfectly.

Eye Color

Your eye color plays a vital role when choosing a wig color. The wig should be contrasting the eye color as it should match the skin. For instance, women with eye colors of light blue, green, golden brown, hazel, or other warm colors can go for the cooler-toned wigs such as red, auburn, dark brown, golden, or chestnut. Cool-eyed individuals like the case of dark blue, grey, dark blue, icy blue, and black-brown can pick the more natural wig colors such as blonde, black or brown tones.

Natural Hair Tone

It would be better to consider your natural hair color before choosing a wig. When you opt to purchase, it is important to pick wigs that match the natural hair for better looks in general. Ensure the wig color is not much darker or lighter than the natural color of your hair. However, you can give yourself a new look by choosing a different wig color and keep changing the color of your hair occasionally.

Aging Effects

You will see the aging effects when the skin tine starts fading away over time. In this case, you will need lighter wig color shades to make you look youthful and beautiful compared to dark ones. The lighter and warm colors will ultimately bring you a natural appearance.

Environmental Effects

If you are a wig enthusiast, you will realize that wig color and dyed hair often get faded when exposed to the sun over time. This means that you need to consider your surrounding environment before choosing a wig color. For instance, people living in hot regions should opt for a lighter shade that will not fade easily. Picking dark colors will eventually fade away and bring an unappealing appearance, and will force you to purchase new ones now and then. Generally, you need to pay attention to key factors that will affect the wig color to help you purchase one.

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