Diamond Painting Facts You Ought to Know

Although diamond painting is relatively new, it has changed the art and craft industry. It is now popular among crafters and DIY artists. Ideally, it is popular and has changed its reputation as the best craft in this era. The process involves sticking minute resins that have a diamond-like appearance on canvas. The result is a beautiful painting sparkling like the real diamonds.

The truth is that any person can get into custom diamond painting. You do not require prior experience to paint. These factors are responsible for the popularity of this art and help make it a unique art. Unlike most creative works, there is no need to spend a lot of time learning this art and how to do it right. In fact, you will learn most of the things from scratch. That makes it a special type of art as you can relax and enjoy doing it.

Diamond Painting Kit

You need to get the right diamond painting kit to get started. In most cases, the kit has different components from various brands. However, the quantity and quality also differ. It is advisable to ensure you get quality materials that can make your painting experience exciting and fun. In this way, you can even make it a hoppy.


You should note that all diamond painting kits have a canvas. In fact, without the canvas, this technique of painting is not possible. Usually, the canvas will come printed with symbols and numbers corresponding to the colors of diamonds. The canvas is also covered with a thin layer of glue to ensure diamonds stick to it easily.


Your diamond paintings are incomplete if they do not have diamonds. When choosing the kit, you want to ensure they are available in different colors. You can check the canvas or packaging for the color codes. Always remember the codes to ensure the painting is not ruined. Ideally, with several colors, your painting will be more detailed.


The kit contains a plastic tray with thin indentations that separate diamonds. Also, you will find it easier to pick them. Another thing is that the trays have dipped corners that transfer diamonds into the packaging.

Applicator Tool

Ideally, the kit is not complete with an applicator tool. You will find these tools available in different shapes. The most common has a pen-like shape with a nib where the diamond sticks. You can apply wax or glue to the nip to ensure the diamonds stick.

Glue or Wax

Your diamond painting kit will come with wax or glue to ensure diamonds stick.

The above are components that are included in diamond painting kits of any brand. However, the quality of materials differs across various brands. You can also find cheaper kits with poor quality diamonds that do not shine. These are great for practicing. When purchasing these kits, you want to ensure you get them from trusted sellers who guarantee. Some kits may contain additional materials or even tutorials on how to do the painting. You also need a zip lock bag to keep your diamonds after using them. Ensure you read the tutorial that comes with the kit before using it.

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