How to Create a Christmas Planner From Your Dotted Notebook

We all love Christmas and the buildup that leads to the holidays. Are you wondering how to use dotted notebook to make the holidays memorable? 

Then we are in the same boat. In this post, we will be looking at how to make a Christmas planner from a dotted or ruled notebook. It should be an interesting read so let’s get straight to it.

Advantages of a Christmas planner

The Christmas season is filled with lots of activities that you might be confused about which ones to partake in. It becomes even worse when you have lots of family and friends around and you have to cater to them.

How do you cope when there’s so much to remember and many other decisions to be made? Yes, a planner is your best option. It helps you ensure that you have just about every aspect of the holidays covered.

Right there in your dotted or ruled notebook, you can put together all your plans for the holidays. If you are wondering how to use dotted notebook, this is just one of them. It doesn’t cost you much and it helps you remain organized all through the holidays.

A Christmas planner also helps you draw up and maintain a budget, plan treats, and arrange decorations. No wonder many people seek information on how to make a Christmas planner.

Setting up your Christmas planner

This is the basic truth, the process is not difficult at all. There’s really nothing special to the process as you will see in this section. All you need to do is to divide your notebook into different sections and draw the necessary columns. 


Here are some suggestions that should help you out this Christmas: 

Decorating the Halls

Don’t we all love Christmas décor? They make us feel every bit how important and interesting is. Setting up decorations can be fun yet frustrating if the process is unplanned. Before the holidays, you must have come up with lots of ideas to decorate your hallway.

As the holidays draw closer, it brings a lot of frenzy with it. You are so occupied that you have even forgotten more than half of the ideas you had. All you want to do is hang some decorations anywhere in your hallway.

Wondering how to use dotted notebook to fix this problem? It is quite simple. Pick up a dotted or ruled notebook and draw up a decoration to-do list. 

Write down all the décor ideas you had in simple sentences. Against each sentence, draw a small checkbox. As you complete each step on your list, you tick the checkbox. 

This way, you can remember all the ideas, or almost all, that you had in the first place. This is how to make a Christmas planner for decorating your hall.

A tradition to-do list

We all have family traditions related to Christmas. Most of these traditions we have upheld from when we were infants until now. As a matter of fact, we are not ready to let go of them as they form the true essence of the holiday.

Some of these traditions include places we visit, the foods we eat, and gifts we hand out, amongst others. It is very possible to forget some of these when confronted with the frenzy of the Christmas holiday. 

Just you did for your hallway, you can draw up a planner to remember these events. Simply write down all your Christmas traditions on a page. It is fine if they exceed one page, it shows you’d be having loads of fun.

Draw a checkbox in front of each tradition. You can make it better by adding specific dates when you hope to carry out each activity. Check the box in front of each event as you carry it out. This is one of the best ways to remain organized during the Christmas holiday.


Dishes to cook

The Christmas holiday is not complete without mouthwatering delicacies. In every part of the world, sumptuous cuisine is part of the Christmas tradition. With so many dishes to try out, there is the tendency to lose track of the major dishes you should cook.

This is another reason why people want to know how to make a Christmas planner. With a Christmas planner in your dotted or ruled notebook, you can keep your cuisines and kitchen organized this Christmas.

Simply draw up a table in your notebook with three columns. One of the columns should have the label “what to cook,” another should be labeled “when,” and the final one “check.” This is how to use dotted notebook for planning Christmas dishes.

In the first column, write down all the dishes you plan to cook this Christmas. Next to this, write down where the dishes are needed. Finally, once the dish is cooked, you tick against it in the “check” column.

The process is simple and straightforward. 

Gift tracker

What is Christmas without giving and receiving gifts? This tracker wouldn’t be to track what gifts you receive. Rather, it will help you track the gifts that you are sending out.

We all have the tendency to be overzealous during Christmas. This will make most of us go above our budget out of excitement. As much as giving is good, it is wise to be careful so you don’t run into a deficit after the holiday.

Your gift tracker will have three columns, just like your dishes planner. The first column contains the names of all the gifts you plan to hand out. After this, you have a column for the cost of each gift item.

The final column is labeled “wrapped and delivered.” When you have wrapped a particular gift and delivered it, you can tick the column in front of that gift. Since you have the costs of each gift written, you will know how much you have spent and when to stop.


Have you been looking for how to make a Christmas planner? In this post, we have shown you how to use a dotted notebook to plan Christmas. Now you know there’s more to your dotted or ruled notebook. If you have any demand for custom personalized notebooks, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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