The three main types of cell phone cases

Cell phone cases are small pouches where cell phones are stored for protection and improving appearance. The concept of cell phone cases has continued to grow in popularity over the years. It is impossible to walk through an entire block without seeing a single person with a cell phone case, a holster, or a cell phone pouch. The increasing costs of purchasing cell phones and the risks of breakage and damage are some of the reasons promoting the popularity of cell phone pouches. Individuals also prefer to buy cell phone cases instead of paying for cell phone insurance, which in most cases, is almost as expensive as getting the cell phone itself. There are different types of cell phone cases that we will be discussing in this post. 

Tough cell phone cases

These are the most compact form of cell phone cases in the market. The primary role of these cases is offering protection while enhancing the physical appearance of the phone as well. Tough cell phone cases are popularly made from polycarbonate and silicone, as they are some of the most robust materials in the market. The one major disadvantage of tough phone cases is that they tend to be too bulky. Despite their cumbersome nature, they are very stylish hence prevalent in the industry. Metal cases fall under this category.

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Rugged cell phone cases

Like tough cell phone cases, these are the best at protecting phones from chipping, cracking, or breaking. Rugged cell phone cases feature reinforced corners and air pockets that enhance the role of protection. Additionally, these categories of phone cases offer a good grip and are very durable. While extremely useful, the primary complaint users have about this type of cell phone cases is that they are quite cumbersome and may not be as easy to slide in and out of the pocket. The more sophisticated brands of rugged cases offer additional beneficial features like high tech elements and bulletproof features. The more advanced the type of cell phone case, the more costly it is. However, sophisticated or not, rugged cell phones are some of the most expensive in the market.

Regular cell phone cases

These are the most common types of cell phone cases. For years, regular cell phones were the only existing type of cell phone cases in the market. These types of phone cases include plastic cell phone cases and slim design cases, as well. The defining feature of this type of case is that they focused on the role of protection only. Unlike rugged cases that feature high tech gizmos and features like bulletproof material, regular cell phone cases feature proper sturdy material that protects phones from chipping, cracking, or breaking. Most brands of cell phone cases under this category are slim, made out of plastic or leather, and the material is sturdy. This type of case is also more cost-efficient as compared to the latter.

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Cell phone cases can also be categorized according to the design. There are cell phone holsters, belt pouches, and regular covers. The mode of operation can also be used to classify these products. There are flip cell phone cases and cell phone pouches. Regardless of the different categories, designs, materials, and shapes of phone cases, the one factor that brings them together is their protective role. 

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