Kitchen countertop materials; calacatta quartz and others

The kitchen is an essential element of the household. Previously, not much attention was paid to the kitchen. Most homeowners just wanted a place to cook, store utensils, and wash them. However, over the years, interior design has become a massive industry. This has also led to a significant increase in a variety of kitchen designs, a variety of designs. There are numerous designs you can take on to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd that is from state-of-the-art cookers to the floors, utensils, and countertops as well. The countertop is one of the most utilized parts of the kitchen. It is probably more utilized than the ovens and the cookers. This means that it is prone to wear and tear and needs to be subjected to a lot of cleaning. In this post, we discuss calacatta quartz and other materials for making custom countertops

Definition of calacatta quartz

Before we define calacatta quartz, we first have to understand what is quartz. Quartz is perhaps the most common material used in kitchen countertops. Its deep luxurious appearance categorizes this quartz. It is also a solid material that’s durable yet most costly. On the other hand, calacatta quartz is a type of quartz often used on kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

Features of calacatta quartz

  • Calacatta quartz is a thick material that is highly durable. The thickness is one of its top qualities making it one of the most sought-after countertop materials in the market
  • Another remarkable feature of calacatta quartz is a beautiful appearance. The natural stone look-alike features a gorgeous appearance that attracts most homeowners. The variety in which the material can be designed also attributes to its popularity. 
  • The material also features an incredible extensive vein system on a light-colored pristine background. This is also a beautiful feature. 
  • This is a costly but durable countertop material. 

Other types of quartz

Kitchen countertop materials; calacatta quartz

Other than calacatta quartz, there is only one other type of quartz. This is Carrara quartz. Like calacatta, Carrara is a luxurious material used on both kitchen and bathroom countertops. It is known for its impeccable durability. Apart from being beautiful and luxurious, Carrara quartz is also resistant to stains, scratches, and heat as well. Like calacatta, Carrara quartz is very popular yet a tad bit costly. 

Features of quartz

  • Quartz is made from close to ninety-five percent mineral. This is the primary reason why the material has quite a distinctive look as well as feel
  • Quartz is mostly common for its impeccable durability. This can be attributed to its hardness
  • The article barely absorbs any water. Some brands claim that their quartz products are completely nonabsorbent. This is an excellent feature of any countertop. 
  • Additionally, quartz is also resistant to heat and scratches. It can also be cut into different designs and styles. 

Take Away

There are several elements to consider when choosing the best countertop material for your kitchen. Such aspects as absorbency affect the durability of the material. Sustainability is a significant factor to consider. Other factors include price, versatility, and the appearance of the materials.

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