A Comprehensive Guide to Whitening Strips and Gels

If you love to try out home remedies for teeth whitening, then the chances of you wanting to purchase teeth whitening kit wholesale will be high. There are variations of teeth whiteners and products that you can use for this purpose, with teeth whitening strips and gel feels being the most commonly used ones amongst them.

When buying whitening strips and gels, you’re bound to be faced with a wide range of options, having distinct quality and cost from each other. In this piece, you will find out the differences that exist between teeth w whitening strips and gels.

Differences Between Whitening Strips and Gels

1. Whitening Strips

This option is usually the best if you’re looking for something quite easy to use. Whitening Strips can be found at convenience, groceries, and drug stores around you. When you purchase it, all you need to do is to carefully apply it to your lower and upper set of teeth and allow it to sit for the stipulated amount of time. Always ensure that you pay attention to every instruction that must have been given to you.

Depending on the product you buy, the number of applications and time it should sit on your teeth every day may vary. However, you’re advised to stay a maximum of 45 minutes before removing the strip, then wait for 1 or 2 days more before you can apply again. This is because they usually consist of hydrogen peroxide, and overdoing this application may strip your teeth of their enamel.

The disadvantage of Whitening Strips

If you use whitening strips frequently, your teeth may become too sensitive. You will mostly notice this sensitivity whenever you take hot or cold drinks. When these signs begin to show, book sessions with a professional dentist to see that you maintain good health.

Asides from that, whitening strips are great options that are quite affordable and much convenient to use. They do not stop you from leaving the house and going about your daily activities.

2. Whitening Gels

Even though you may have come across tons of gels that can be gotten in regular stores, it’s advised that you use a proper whitening agent. This is usually recommended and also supplied by a professional dentist.

Whitening gels are used by applying them first to the inner part of the mold and then placing it on your teeth. While some of these gels can be used for hours at a go, others are used overnight – just make sure that the instructions of your dentist are followed. The mold that comes with the strips most times are comfortable, and made of high quality; you’re sure of getting lasting results with them.

The disadvantage of Whitening Gels

If having the mold in your mouth while sleeping is a problem for you, it may take a long time for you to achieve your desired results. Also, while you can wear the mold in your mouth in the daytime, you can’t eat or drink anything while it’s in your mouth.


Between whitening strips and gels, the gels are considered a better option. That’s because while you may experience inconvenience during usage, you’re assured of getting back your pearly white smile at the end of the day.

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