What to Take Note of When Buying Natural African American Wigs

It is not always that someone will want to get attachments or have one’s hair made. This is where wigs come in. But how does one optimize the advantages of wigs while rocking a fitting look? It is quite easy actually. It all depends on one’s facial features. But more than that, the ideal African American braided wig has to blend with every part of a person’s life.

Getting the most ideal wig for a person is not a walk in the park. In fact, far from it. Wigs which fit perfectly are difficult to find. In fact, they are almost impossible to randomly find on the market. However “almost impossible” is not the same as impossible.

What Wigs are the Most Natural Wig Options?

Well, there are two types of wigs. There is the natural wig and there are the synthetic wigs. The natural wigs are made from natural, legit human hair. This means that they feel as real as one’s hair naturally would. It also means that one could use and style them the same way the natural hair would be used or styled. Curling, twisting, whatever, the natural wigs accept them all.

The synthetic wigs on the other hand are not so “open-minded”. They have a relatively fixed shape. Once the wig has been successfully and completely sewn, that is kind of the end. But this also means that the repeated brushing and extra care the natural wigs require are not required here. So it is sort of a give-and-take situation.

What Is The Cost Of Natural Wigs?

As for what wig types appears more natural, well, our readers should have an inkling of an idea by now. Of course, natural wigs have a more natural appearance. This is all good and dandy until the prices of natural wigs are brought up. These babies could cost anywhere from $200 (USD) to $500 (USD). That is not even the upper limit on the pricing of natural wigs.

But they are usually worth it. They feel and appear more natural than synthetic wigs. That is kind of the point of wigs. To appear as natural as possible while providing the wearer a level of comfort their original hair would find difficult to offer (when styled).

Quick tip for our readers, the full lace natural wigs are more flexible and comfortable than the lace front ones. Although the lace front might be cheaper, they are more “stiff” and quite itchy. However, these natural wigs also require extra care.

How to Properly Handle Natural Wigs

Once a person has chosen the natural wig which seems to suit their taste, the next step is to meet a professional wig stylist. These stylists would assist them in making all necessary tweaks and adjustments. These adjustments are essential in ensuring that the natural wigs are styled in a way and manner that suits the wearer even more perfectly.

After this, regular but gentle washing makes natural wigs last longer. Another tip, after use a brush and put on a wig stand. If properly handled, a person could wear a natural wig for up to 5 years.


Get a natural wig with a hand-tied monofilament cap. Do this and follow the steps we’ve outlined and enjoy the natural wig to the fullest possible extent.

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