Personal Jewelry v/s Statement Jewelry: Which is Better?

In the past, you would open any magazine, and there would be mentions of statement jewelry from cover to cover. Everyone was talking about cocktail rings, mixed media earrings, chunky necklaces and how they make you feel and look more fashionable. These statement pieces were calling for attention.

These days, The statement necklace was now replaced by, ‘personalisierte kette,’ which is german for a personalized chain. Fashionistas now prefer something more permanent, subtle, and smaller. In 2021, wearing jewelry isn’t about beads and glitters, It’s about dressing up according to your mood. Women are choosing permanent pieces that they put on once and never take off. You do not notice these personal jewelry pieces until you are standing close to them or having a chat with them.

Personal jewelry pieces can be a customized necklace with – names of their loved ones, pictures, or even inscriptions of their beloved pets. These jewelry pieces are refreshing because they go with everything. People have an attachment that makes them feel comfortable. The best kinds of baubles are the ones with a personal story to reminiscence every time you set your eyes on them.

Whether it was a gift from your parents, something you bought during a trip which proved to be a game-changer, a gift from a loved one, or an earring that reminds you of a particular feeling. Wearing jewelry back in the day was all about fashion and creating a statement. People were trying to get the best and the most expensive pieces, which were of nominal value.

As the trends changed, Those statement pieces ended up in the back of their closets or passed on to friends and family. But with personal and personalized jewelry, there is an attachment. People find them mood lifters and encouragers when they are down or feeling all alone. Stacking jewelry was perhaps the biggest trend to come out of statement jewelry.

Everyone was wearing it, from teenagers to businesswomen. But now, people prefer a more curated and forward-thinking look. They want something that is ‘minimalistic and personal.’ They want their style to represent their personal voice. In the 2010s, everyone assumed that signet rings belonged to men, but it was time to give this a second thought. Silver Signet rings, when worn in an understated way, look striking and elegant. Signet rings look great, be it silver or gold.

Celebrities being our biggest trendsetters choose personal jewelry overstatements.”Social media sensation Kylie Jenner was spotted on several occasions wearing her personalized chain link necklace. Her chain has her daughter’s name spelled with diamonds on it.”If you are still wearing the chunky statement jewelry from the 2010s. It is time to move on. Do a makeover and get a fresher look. It will make you feel lighter. 

A makeover will take the pressure off from trying to fit in and looking like everybody else. People prefer personal jewelry because it’s their personal statement look, which is unique and different from the crowd. And we all want our unique style to represent us and who we are.

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