Popular terms you need to know about diamond painting

Diamond painting is gradually becoming a trend in the world of art and creativity. The mere fact that it allows you to express yourself artistically makes it quite worthwhile. Like every other craft out there, so much work goes into the creation of beautiful diamond painting models.

Asides the fact that you get to see your creative tendencies, you could also recreate many of your old pictures. Diamond painting involves the creation of a spectacular artwork by placing several pieces of diamonds via the use of grids. The grids must have been labeled beforehand; all you have to do is to place each piece on the board. This article simplifies specific terms you’re likely to encounter while you venture into the diamond painting world.

Custom diamond painting

This is one of the many forms in which this craft can be carried out. It involves the recreation of an image or photo using grids and patterns. This task usually proves to be one of the most enjoyable processes as there’s no comparison to the satisfaction you get when you eventually complete the work. Whenever you embark on a custom diamond painting project, you must request for a clear and sizable picture.

Diamond picking tools

This tool is quite essential in the whole diamond painting process as it determines how quickly you’d get the job done. Drill pens are used in picking and placing diamond bits on the canvas. The pen-type varies in terms of functionality as certain pens can only pick a diamond piece at a time. However, it’s preferable to have a picking tool that can pick many pieces at once to fasten the rate of work.


This term is often used in describing the sound made by a diamond piece when it fits right into its spot. Most diamond painters will tell you that the feeling that comes with this particular sound is satisfying as it shows you’re right on track.


Just like its literal meaning, a stowaway in the diamond painting world refers to a stray diamond piece. Often, diamond bits of the same colour are placed in the same bag to allow for easy sorting and accessibility. However, it’s not out of place to find a diamond bit in a different colour bag; such bits are called stowaway diamond bits.


Just as is in the case of snapping, popping is used to describe a sound made during diamond painting. Popping refers to the sound that’s generated when the drills detach from the canvas due to poor placement. Popping often occurs as a result of using weak adhesives in the placement of your drills.


Stash is used in the diamond painting world to describe a collection of diamond painting kits that you’ve not completed. Often, people leave a diamond painting job midway while embarking on another project. When these uncompleted projects start to accumulate, the result is a stash.

Final Thought

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in the enjoyable craft called diamond painting, you should learn some of the common terms in that parlance. This article describes some of the popular terms used in the diamond painting world

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