How To Select The Right Vaporizer

People have smoked weed for a long time until a cleaner, and safer alternative came along. This alternative to smoking joints is vaping. Directly smoking cigarettes and marijuana can lead to an array of health problems, mostly to do with the respiratory system. Regularly smoking marijuana may not cause the same level of damage as tobacco cigarettes, but there is some lasting effect on your health that you can be sure of. Inhaling that weed smoke and holding it in an attempt to retain as much of the THC as possible is also detrimental and can cause damage to tracheal and bronchial cells.

Thus, vaping is the ultimate cleaner alternative since there is no smoke produced due to zero combustion. Additionally, there are no toxins due to lack of smoke in vaping, which lowers the likelihood of lung problems. Vaping is also more discreet and convenient compared to smoking marijuana or cigarettes in public. If you’re a regular marijuana user thinking about purchasing your first vaporizer, here is a vape buying guide to help you.

Factors to consider

Before you buy the next best vape, you should take into account the following:

  • Portable vaping vs. vaping on a desktop surface – if you’re the sort of person who likes to vape while on the move, a mobile device is the best option for you. If you prefer to vape within the privacy of your home away from prying eyes, a desktop vaping unit is a convenient alternative. Desktop vaping units can be a bit more expensive compared to portable units. New users might want to try their hand at portable vaping units first before moving on to desktop versions.
  • Flowers vs. concentrates – this depends on the user’s preference: some smoke flowers while others smoke concentrates. Flowers are usually dry herb while concentrates are mostly oils and waxes. It is possible to obtain a portable unit that can accommodate both types, especially high-end desktop models that come with oil attachments.
  • Budget – make sure you know how much you are willing to put up for a vaporizer by reading each item’s description. This way, you can still consume your favorite material while still obtaining a warranty for the device if you need one.

Vaporizer styles

Vaporizers can either be desktop units or portable units.

  • Desktop vaporizers can remove irritants while offering temperature control. These systems are perfect for users who require marijuana intake for medicinal purposes. They also provide more power combined with advanced heating methods. Desktop vapes work through convection heating.
  • Vape pens – Arediscreet and simple to use even for novice users. A button provides control and offers fast heating time. Most vape pens are designed for use with concentrates. They mostly work through conduction heating. Components of most vape pens are a mouthpiece, battery, and an atomizer. You can get an array of temperatures from multiple voltage outputs in the pens.


Buying a vaporizer is just like purchasing any other worthwhile product, and thus it pays to do your research. Some vapes also come with multiyear warranties. It is also good to confirm the shipping and handling fees.

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