5 Must-Have Items for Your Tactical EDC Gear

What’s your favorite part about being prepared for anything? For me, it is the feeling that no matter what comes my way – I can take care of myself. And with these five items in particular added to any EDC gear list (or even just one!), you’ll always have everything necessary on hand at all times!


Band-aids are an essential survival item. Keep a pack with a first aid kit in your everyday carry for emergencies. This kit includes basic over-the-counter meds and an adhesive bandage. These items are small but are essential in case of an injury. Besides band-aids, a first aid kit should include a flashlight and gauze pads.


Everyday carry is a term that describes the small pieces of gear that you keep with you on a daily basis. These items can include your wallet, keys, and smartphone. However, if you want to be more prepared, you may want to carry more items than these. The following are 5 essential items to add to your everyday carry.

These are small items that you can use in an emergency and are easy to carry. You can even store a small emergency food supply in these items. Not all of the items listed are necessary. Choose whichever ones you think are useful for you.

Field watches

If you’re looking for a piece of tactical edc gear that will last for years, a field watch is a great choice. They offer specialized timekeeping functions, such as chronographs, and they often come with lighting. They’re a good choice for law enforcement and military personnel because of their durable casings and scratch-resistant faces. Many field watches also come with a sturdy canvas strap that doubles as a drag handle.

A stainless steel case is essential for a field watch, but you can find them in many materials. Stainless steel is very tough and corrosion-resistant. You’ll also find some field watches with polycarbonate cases, which are lightweight but can still stand up to a lot of punishment. Hardened synthetic materials and PVD coatings are also available in modern field watches. Other popular materials include titanium and brass.

Space blanket

If you don’t carry a firearm on your person every day, it might be wise to invest in a space blanket. This is the kind of blanket that you can use during extreme conditions, from weightlessness to a climate-controlled hospital. It also doubles as a body warmer, which is handy for outdoor activities. You can buy space blankets at affordable prices and stock up for emergencies.


Paracord is a multi-purpose item that can be used in a variety of ways, from making a splint for a broken bone to lashing two or more items together. Its inner strands can even be used as dental floss. The possibilities for paracord’s practical use are virtually limitless, so having a small amount of it in your everyday carry is an excellent idea.

Paracord can be used to build shelters. The paracord is often tied around a tarp or wood piece, and secured with a knot. The best paracord for this purpose is made from a braided sheath and has multiple twisted strands inside. The outer layer should be made of a quality nylon material. Usually, a paracord shelter has seven to nine strands of three yarns each.

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